Families Rising

Who We Are
Who We Are

Families Rising is a collaboration of area
churches providing supportive relationships for
isolated families. Volunteers offer temporary
hosting of children, connections and guidance for
parents, and a bridge to family stability.

Our Vision

To create a network of
families who support each
other through crisis.

What we value:

Living the Gospel

By sharing Jesus’ love with each person as we love other people¬† sacrificially for their good

Unifying and Motivating the Church

by equipping and empowering believers to move outside the walls of their buildings, to work together, and to meet the needs of the people around them

Promoting Dignity

by valuing each person regardless of their circumstances and assisting them in reaching positive goals through supportive community rather than enabling services

Building Community

by fostering deep and meaningful relationships based on love and compassion that can endure for lifetimes



Loss of Employment

Lack of Childcare


Mental Health Issues

Domestic Violence


Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation


Throughout scripture, God calls His people to be the current
expression of His care for widows, orphans, and the fatherless
until His return.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least
of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”-
Matthew 25:40

We believe the Church is God’s design to care for the most

How is Families Rising different than Foster Care?
How is Families Rising different than Foster Care?
  • Church-Led
  • Preventative
  • Double Voluntary
    • Non-coercive for families
    • Host Families receive no monetary¬†compensation


Ministry Coordinator

The Ministry Coordinator is the main liaison between the church and Families Rising.


Connecting with Current Host Families & Volunteers

  • Reaching out to volunteers who are currently hosting to cover them in prayer and support

Inviting New Volunteers Through Your Church

  • Sharing ways to get involved through church outlets (bulletins, small groups, and outreach opportunities)

Attending Regular ML Meetups

  • Gathering with other Ministry Leads to connect for updates, ideas and

Get Involved

Join Our Team

Browse through our volunteer opportunities and connect with a team member to learn more!

  • Host Family- Volunteer(s) who open their hearts and homes to host children. Volunteers create their own hosting profile and determine when they can help.
  • Family Coach- Volunteer who coaches parents and connects them to resources while ensuring children are safe and Host Family is well supported.
  • Support Volunteers- Volunteer who assists with a variety of tasks from day-time child care help to transportation, or who equip families and volunteers with resource and material needs such as diapers, clothing, gift cards, and other tangible items. Volunteers determine how and when they can best help. No overnight hostings involved!

We are grateful for every gift that supports our mission to bring hope to families through Christ-centered relationships.

Become a Financial Partner: Visit our online donation portal- families-rising.org/fund-the-work


Checks can be made out to- Families Rising and sent to:

Families Rising: c/o LIFE Family Resource Center, 1693 W. Hospital Rd., Paoli, IN 47454